Food Business Types

Find your path based on the specific food business type you have.

Food Truck

Keep your food on the move with a food truck.

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Restaurant Cafe

Find your home base with physical location.

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Private label

Be unique yet accessible through a private label brand.

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Take your food to your customer.

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Open Access is open-source, entirely free platform for community development and small business associations, lenders, cities and counties, and local government agencies to help small business entrepreneurs—particularly BIPOC food entrepreneurs—find the full range of technical assistance and lending opportunities near them. It is designed to be lifted, customized, and housed outside of Food & Society at the Aspen Institute, which built and launched it. This open-source demonstration portal includes generic and cross-cutting information ready for easy customization to your organization, city, or region. Please visit these links for easy guides to adapting it to your own needs and location, and feel free to reach out should you have questions about using this platform at Visit our landing page to  download the code base and review our user guide to easily implement this portal for your own community.